Develop. Design. Deliver.

The process for visual storytelling is comprised of three steps: Develop, Design and Deliver. So What LLC is dedicated to discovering your unique story and adapting it to your audience. We use a tested process to help you make your story more engaging and memorable.

We start by helping you develop great content on paper with a core message and clear structure. Once the content is ready, we design your story with memorable visuals and crisp layouts. Finally, we prepare you to deliver your ideas and share your stories with targeted audiences.

You will find me in the beautiful city of Santiago, Chile. But I work with clients from around the world. I welcome the opportunity to connect with you, send an email to or leave a message at +1.307.200.9428 for a free initial consultation.


“Vision trumps all other senses. We are incredible at remembering pictures.”
John Medina
Molecular Biologist